Ever think: "Why Am I Losing Customers?" Here's Why…

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You presume your small business has whatever in place to draw an abundance of customers but for some odd reason it isn't taking place. Exactly what's more, prior consumers are not coming back. You look at business process and it simply does not make good sense ...

Why am I losing customers?

Is it time to call a conference and begin blaming employees? Let me just tell you "instead of blaming employees, search in the mirror." However this is no time at all to blame; you understand the issue is consumer retention and it is time to solve the issue instead of home on fault.

I have actually been working with small businesses for several years and I know that the reasons for consumer loss can be from a variety of little or large concerns that can be difficult to recognize from the within. You have to use " consumer eyes" to see the reason they are choosing to utilize your rival.

I am going to take you through the most typical reasons small businesses lose clients and what you can do to solve the issue.

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Worker Turnover

People purchase from individuals ... Yes, you have a great services or product however no matter how excellent it is, the client is buying it from, and through your staff member. If they construct a relationship with that staff member and unexpectedly that employee is not working there any longer, your consumer is not buying from you anymore.

Your worker base is as essential as your client base. If your employees are happy and satisfied, your clients are likewise delighted and satisfied.

Acknowledge staff members for their great accomplishments and if you need to turn or are promoting that employee, make certain they have the chance to inform the consumers they have constructed relationships with.

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Disparity

If you study the effective businesses who keep a strong consumer base, you will find they follow whatever.

They have constant hours of operation.

The company's marketing operates on a constant basis.

They regularly include brand-new service or products.

Constant rates.


Consistency keeps consumers!

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Difficult To Contact Client service

If a customer wants a question responded to, to return a product or to make a problem and has no success in reaching somebody, they will shop in other places.

Livechat says 7 AM-- 11 PM Mon-Fri and it's 9 AM Tue; why does nobody come on?

The customer care line at the shop has 6 people and a sign that says "At coffee break."

The client dials the toll-free number and pushes all the right buttons. After 15 minutes, the system simply hangs up on the consumer.

Customer service is the "lifeblood" of your business. Pay attention to your customers and make sure your customer support is first-class.

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Not Rewarding Faithful Clients

I would forecast that 70% of organisations are utilizing loyalty reward systems. If your service is not satisfying faithful customers in one way or another, your consumers will go where they will be rewarded.

There are many ways to reward commitment.

Special discount coupons

Cash off after so many purchases

Birthday rewards


Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Treating One Client Different Than Another

This is a typical factor that small businesses have lost consumers.

As an example, let's say you own a secondhand car dealer. Your salesperson is in the shop and a individual drives in with an old pickup and they use work clothing. 2 minutes later on, another vehicle drives in. It is a BMW and the man owning gets out using a match and tie.

The salesperson right away goes to the fit and tie, however the other person existed first.

He gets in his pickup and drives over to the rival across the street. You watch as the person with the pickup drives away from the other lot with a brand-new truck that was priced at $31,000. You likewise watch your salesman go nowhere with the person wearing the match and tie and he also drives across the street.

You can not discriminate or judge anybody by exactly what you see outside. Treat all customers like kings and queens and relatively.

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- You Are Not Versatile

Flexibility is how some organisations stand tall against their competitors. Numerous customers are more than willing to pay a premium simply to "get it how they desire it."

We deliver in a 30 mile radius

The consumer states they reside in a town that is 63 miles away. They have no other way to obtain that furniture your store sells provided.

Will you work with this client? They ARE willing to pay additional if you will provide.

Versatility can win you that client ... And much more!

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Prices

It is important that you research how your rivals are pricing comparable products.

Over-pricing can lose customers if you can not show the added worth and advantages.

Under-pricing can be much more destructive. You may think that you are offering a lot but clients will immediately presume that your product is inferior and will spoil quickly.

Keep in mind to be clear with clients the advantages they will receive and what your product will resolve in comparison to the competitor's.

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Client Relationships

Simply remaining in touch with your clients is a crucial approach of customer retention.

Send out newsletters ...

Birthday or Vacation cards ...

Sign in to see how the product is working ...

When you see a client elsewhere, acknowledge them ...

Simply showing that the person is more than just a wallet with loan will keep them returning. Build a relationship and your will not lose consumers, you get buddies.

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Pushing Instead Of Recommending

There is absolutely nothing incorrect with trying an up sell on a existing customer. But there are right and wrong ways to do so.

A essential factor is knowing the customer and exactly what problems they are attempting to solve. Offering a idea regarding what has actually worked for other clients is far better than informing the client they definitely need that item too.

Customers do not like being pressed but they will always pay attention to recommendations.

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Not Listening

You need to focus on past, present and potential customers. I say listen, but that does not require using simply your ears. It implies utilizing your eyes too.

Social network has plenty of listening chances. You can find a lot about consumers and how they view your service and your products.

Keep in mind that with the web, customers communicate regularly. And people trust the reviews others give on product or services.

So listen, learn and please your customers.

Why Am I Losing Customers? -Not Using Technology To Its Optimal Level

If the technology you are utilizing to manage consumers is dated, sluggish and offers a awful consumer experience, those clients will leave.

You have to make sure that customers have the ability to go through the checkout, client service or any other procedure with simplicity, speed and ease.

Today's customer expects an easy to use system that is quickly. Clients have busy lives and do not wish to wait long or have issues when aiming to spend for an product they want.

Remaining technologically advanced with your service will keep customers.

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Not Adding New Products Or Solutions

Dullness is a substantial factor customers will leave. Adding brand-new products or services is a crucial approach to stop client boredom.

Make sure and " scream it from the roofs" when you do include new service or products. Keep dullness at bay and you will keep customers.

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Client Impressions

Cleanliness and upkeep is another important element in client retention.

Do customers take a look at the outer view and feel comfortable going in? Does it need paint? Is parking a hassle? Is the entryway welcoming?

When the individual is available in, do they feel happy or is it stressful? Particular colors invite sales while other colors can chase after consumers away.

Store setups need to be easy. Clients do not wish to be forced into working to discover exactly what they need.

Think about happy photos, flowers and plants and even the clothing workers use.

Why Am I Losing Customers?-- Inappropriate Employee Reward System

If it is more gratifying for an staff member to sell to a brand-new customer than to a previous customer, that worker is going to pursue the reward. And in doing so, you will lose previous customers.

Training your staff members in keeping veteran clients while likewise drawing in new consumers is a essential task you should master.

Find a reward system that guarantees you are covering both sides of the formula.


I think if you really look deep at your organisation and see if you are making any of these errors, you will begin keeping customers.

We at Vionic are in business of helping small businesses acquire new clients and retain previous and current customers. why am I losing customers

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