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Pastor Keion Henderson – the Charismatic and Christ-centered leader to change and leadership is no stranger. Lighthouse Church Pastor Keion Henderson is well known to entrepreneurs, corporate decision-makers, and business leaders from across the country and around the world.

With his team at keionhenderson.com Pastor Keion Henderson helps high achievers to grow their leadership, learning and everyday lifestyle. His mission is to give you the tools through powerful information, connection and action to help you on your journey ahead.

The team at keionhenderson.com enriches several lives through courses (like Project LEAD and The Keion Henderson Executive Leadership Program), and a growing toolbox of products, digital content and weekly podcasts. They are in process of cultivating a community of leaders, visionaries and everyday men and women committed to achieving positive results in every area of their business and life.

Keion Henderson is instrumental in helping companies and individuals transform themselves, realize extraordinary results and embark on a journey towards powerful action in leadership, business and life.

With his unconventional and innovative views on business and leadership Keion has attracted international attention and earned himself invitations to meet with an array of leaders and organizations around the world. His commitment to organizational effectiveness and productivity have earned him designations as a CNN Heroes Award nominee and John Maxwell’s Top 250 Leaders

Presently Keion Henderson and his team at offering spectrum of programs that includes:

  • Project LEAD which is a six-week coaching and mentorship experience that provides men and women with the tools to grow as leaders, entrepreneurs and rising influencers.

  • Keion Henderson Executive Leadership Program which is offered across countries and industries, forward-thinking companies which are fueling a pipeline of next-generation executives who can position the organization for future success.

About Keion Henderson:

Keion Henderson is a thought leader, providing inspiration and empowerment to leading companies, organizations and individuals around the world. With contagious enthusiasm and laser-sharp insight, Keion teaches global audiences how to take action, realize extraordinary results and kick-start growth in every area of life.


For more information visit here : https://www.keionhenderson.com/

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