Solutions From Science Develops First Solar Powered RadioTV Production Studio

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Date Added : September 4, 2010 :
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When most people think about generators the images that enter their mind are often tied to natural disasters, powerful storms or even a terrorist attack. Generators are for emergencies, for unforeseen events that knock out our power; at least that’s the popular thought. The truth is, there are a number of benefits to utilizing a solar generator that have nothing to do with cataclysmic events or temporary power outages.

That couldn’t be made more obvious than in the case of Brian Brawdy, a former New York police investigator and Military Weapons Specialist turned freelance television journalist and political analyst who now concentrates on educating international audiences on the importance of self- reliance, survival and emergency preparedness. He is able to reach this audience thanks in part to equipping his 2285 Lance Trailer with a solar generator from Solutions from Science, a generator that will power his very own mobile radio/TV production studio.

While Brawdy’s 2285 Lance Trailer has been designed as the ultimate Self-Reliant Mobile Residence, equipped with the most efficient and durable utilities and electronics, the solar generator from Solutions from Science, dubbed the PowerHub 1800, is considered the brains of the operation.

Not only will the PowerHub 1800 keep Brawdy’s Norcold stainless steel refrigerator running, provide electricity for his two Jensen televisions and keep the lights on, it will also be responsible for powering up his mobile radio/TV production studio planned for launch in 2010.

To give you an idea as to what you can do with the PowerHub 1800 solar powered generator from Solutions from Science, Brawdy has connected the generator to five 150-watt solar panels and two 160-watt wind turbines. This solar generator is capable of accepting over 1200-watts of renewable energies and storing it into four 100-amp hour batteries.

Also at the ready for Brawdy is the PowerSource 1800, a portable solar energy generator that can provide up to 1800 watts of household electricity. Because this ultra-high efficient portable solar generator receives its energy from the sun there is no diesel of regular gas needed. The PowerSource 1800 comes with a battery pack to store electrical energy and is capable of converting voltage into household power.

The true value of the PowerSource 1800 is in its mobility, meaning even if you need to leave the area where you are staying you don’t have to be without electricity. We have all seen the devastation of flooding, earthquakes, tornados and even terrorist strikes so we know that at any moment we may have to pack up our belongings and had for safer grounds and knowing that you’ll have a constant power source from the solar powered generator from Solutions from Science should offer some peace of mind.

Not everybody will be as ambitious as Brian Brawdy and put together a mobile  TV station but in securing a portable solar energy generator from Solutions from Science you could be doing enough to keep your family safe and comfortable during uncertain times.

To read more about the solar powered generators offered by Solutions from Science as well as watch videos detailing the benefits of securing your own portable solar generator go to: www.MySolarBackup.com.

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