This Boat Shows A Recognizable Figure Panzuda

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Knowledge that Fridtjof Nansen had polar regions was expressed more than in the 'Fram', whose name means forward. Designed by the Norwegian armador Colin Archer, following the indications of the Nansen himself, this boat shows a recognizable figure panzuda. His idea was a ship that rather than resist lateral pressure of the ice, flotase over them, to be pushed up sea ice.

The influence of the Explorer allowed that it was built with cured wood which was intended to ships of the Royal Navy. It was equipped with a reinforced keel of iron and both his rudder and propeller from the engine could retract inside the hull to prevent ice to break. Its interior had all the comforts of the era, including electric lamps and a windmill to the generator.

The 'Fram' was excellent for navigation by the infected of icebergs seas, but precisely because of its shape of Walnut produced strong dizziness to its crew as soon as out to sea, to be buffeted by the waves much more easily than most stylized lines ships.

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